Astral Travel w/ Others

BY: Mel

Mel / Psychic Development

We recently had held a Psychic’s Forum in which a small panel of us offered free readings to attendees. During this event, a question was asked of whether one could astral travel and seen others who are also astral traveling. My answer to that is “Yes, absolutely.”

I say that because I have had such experiences. In fact, I had one just a couple of days ago in which I met another traveler – only this one wasn’t human!

Now, allow me to explain that I have met many human travelers. I have met some non-human travelers – but this last meeting was a first for me! The entity that I came across? It was my dog, Okinawa! Realize, I have run into pets (both mine and others) in the astral world… but as far as I can remember, they have been pets that have passed. I believe this is the first time I’ve met with a living pet while astral traveling (Though, I could be wrong. This could simply be the first time I’ve retained the memory.) So it was a complete surprise – but it was definitely him. In fact, he came and laid down next to me and allowed me to pet him.

Here’s something about the astral world that is truth for me. When I can leave my body and contact another in the astral world, I can see things I am not able to see while in my physical body.

For example, I can see the auras much more clearly – and thus, I can see weaknesses, attachments, etc, in the aura. Communication is also different in the astral world. In a way, it’s easier. I an only describe it as “soul-to-soul” speak.

What I mean by that is this: In the physical world, there are so many obstacles to conveying a thought or emotion to another. It’s so easy to misunderstand or not clearly explain an idea, a feeling, a sensation, etc. In the astral plan, however, it’s almost effortless.

When I saw my dog in the astral world, I saw some things in his aura that confirmed something I “thought I knew” when I’m in the my physical body in this physical world. But “thinking I know” is not the same for me as “knowing”.

Having us both communicating in the astral world gave me tangible proof – and I retained the memories to carry into the physical world.

So, astral traveling and other types of out of body experiences are a great skill to have, in my opinion.

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