There are multiple parking options. We are directly across the street from Calhoun Square which has a parking ramp. You can also grab metered parking right on the street in front of us. If you don’t mind walking several blocks, you can find free street parking along the roads south of 31st street.

Yes! Bicycle racks abound everywhere!

We accept cash, check or major credit cards with or without a chip.

Yes. In addition, if you give us advanced notice of any required accommodations we can do our best to be prepared and help make this a comfortable experience. Alternatively, we may make house calls when travel is not a possibility for the individual.

Alas, you must book in advanced at this time. We are a husband/wife team with no other employees so if we are in session or out grabbing lunch, you will find the doors locked.

We work specifically with the Energy Body and Higher Conscious. Since the energy body is directly connected to both the physical body and the mind, we are able to help people with a wide range issues: Mental, emotional, and physical. Some examples might be depression, lupus, pain management, extreme stress, etc. If you have a specific diagnosis and would like to know if we can help you, please contact us directly via email (mel@460sjournal.com) or phone (612.430.9385).

Because we are not medically licensed professionals, we cannot diagnose any illness or condition. However, if you have a diagnosed condition, we can offer therapies to work in conjunction with your prescribed treatments in order to help you excel the healing process.

Since we are not medically licensed professionals, we can offer no cures. Having said that, we have had much success helping our clients in partnership with their primary care givers and therapists.

It is a possibility. We are registered as a national Health Care Provider and have been provided an identifier in order to work with Health Insurance Companies. It will all depend on whether your policy covers treatments for “Alternative” or “Complimentary” treatments.  Alternatively, some HSA’s and FSA’s can be used for reimbursement. Keep in mind, there may be certain requirements such as a referral from an MD. We will certainly do all we can to work with your insurance provider to get your sessions covered. However, your best bet is to contact your insurance provider directly.

Psychic Sessions

The difference is subtle but significant and has a lot to do with purpose of the session as well as the practice of applying the knowledge into your life. Catherine carries two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Kinesiology and the other in Metaphysical Sciences and is working towards her Masters in Metaphysical Sciences. Combined with her multiple certifications in various metaphysical modalities (Western Reiki, Jierasu Reiki, Healing Touch, to name a few) and her decades of experience working directly with a variety of people, Catherine’s sessions provide information that, not only is very specific, but can be very directly applied. As an example, a common question might relate to one’s health. Let’s say, someone would like to know if they will develop Diabetes. Her answer will go beyond just the “yes and no” and will expand into what specifically about YOU might trigger the condition and what specifically YOU might be able to do to avoid it.

We practice therapeutic sessions. In most cases, applying a curse on somebody is the opposite. So until we can think of a therapeutically beneficial reason to cast a curse, the answer is going to have to be “no”.

Most everybody has free-will. When Catherine is advising you with the help of her Guides, she can only present information according to what she calls “The Threads of Free Will”. That is, with permission from all involved (your Guides and Angels must agree as well), she can reveal the destinations of your current paths, so to speak. She will explain it further during the session, but basically, given that nearly all of us have free-will, we all have the ability to choose a different path from what she might see. Her purpose is simply to offer you guidance. In the end, you control your destiny.

Short answer is “yes” and “no”. Think of it like this. If we enter a grocery store together and you ask me to grab food for you without specifics, well… yeah, I can grab anything in that store and give it to you. It will be food. It may not be the food you were hoping for. But if you tell me, you’re looking for something sweet, organic, and can fit in your pocket… well, now I am more likely to get you something you want. Of course, the more specific you get, the more likely I will pick out the exact food that will satisfy you. The same works for a Psychic Session. The more specific you can be with your question, the more specific and detailed we can be with the information we return. As a result, the more useful the Psychic Session will be to you.

Just like conventional therapy sessions, it varies and is dependent upon the needs of the individual. Frequency ranges anywhere from weekly to a few times a year. Folks who are in a phase where they are trying to address large life challenges tend to book more frequently, just as they would if they were working with a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist.

A lot! First and foremost, we are not licensed psychiatrists or psychologists. Their education covers a different modality than what we apply. Basically, they specialize on learning how your mind functions in order to help you address issues. We do none of that. Instead, Catherine communicates directly with non-human entities (Guides, Guardians, Angels, etc.) who are able to provide guidance and direction through her and for you. Having said that, we have found that those in conventional therapy find great benefit in supplementing that therapy with our Sessions.

Jierasu Reiki

That will depend on your ailment, your environment, and how well you follow suggested treatments. It is recommended that you book a Holistic Analysis as your first appointment to help determine this.

A Holistic Analysis is a group of tests that gives us a complete picture of the health of your energy body and how that is affecting you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Think of it as similar to an “Annual Physical” one might take with their MD – except that the focus is specifically the health of your energy body. Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that you have one done early in your work with us.

Jierasu Reiki is very specific to our family line. The focus of Jierasu Reiki goes beyond the standard 7 Chakras and into the hundreds of minor Chakras and Meridian Channels in your body and field. In this way, we can get very specific with the treatments.

Absolutely. You are 100% aware and able to make decisions during the entire session. On occasion, a guest might forget parts of the session depending on the work we are doing and their ability to retain memory. Think of it like waking up from a dream. Some people remember their dreams vividly, some remember for a short time, some have no recollection at all or only partial recollection, but this is rare.

We utilize specialized equipment that allows us to capture, measure, and analyze your energy field (including your chakra activity) and use it in conjunction with many of our treatments. It is an incredible way to provide visuals of our energy work and results to our guests.

Yes. We are HIPAA compliant and can send/receive sensitive material via email or fax.

All Jierasu Reiki Sessions are done fully dressed. For the most part, there is minimal physical contact. For example, I may lightly touch the forehead, or lay hands on the arms, legs, back, etc. Sometimes this is specific for the healing. Sometimes it’s to make a slight adjustment to your physical body. Physical contact is always discussed before the session so that I can learn what you may or may not be comfortable with. In addition, unexpected emotions may surface during a Session and comfort levels regarding physical contact may change. It is our intent that you always understand you are in a safe, non-judgemental place and that you are always in control. If ever you feel uncomfortable during a Session for any reason, it’s as simple as letting me know and we will either change the action or stop the Session completely.


Yes, everybody is can be hypnotized, some “seemingly” more easily than others.  Researchers tend to classify people as ‘highs’, ‘mediums’, or ‘lows’.  About 80% of people are in the ‘medium’ band – meaning that they can experience many of the effects of hypnotic suggestion, and are likely to benefit from its clinical use if necessary.  However, we at 460’s Journal LLP have found a connection between hypnosis and your bio-energy body which, once identified, allows us to work with each classification of people with success.

It seems to feel a little different for everyone.  A common misconception is that if you don’t enter “deep trance” in an observable way, the hypnosis didn’t happen – when in actuality, people enter states of hypnosis or trance multiple times daily without even realizing it.

There is no evidence that anybody can become stuck in hypnosis. The worst that might happen could be that you fall asleep.

The simple answer is no, you can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to do in hypnosis. In hypnosis you retain power over your ability to act upon suggestions, although if you do allow yourself to act upon a suggestion you may feel as though the effects are happening by themselves.

Hypnosis can be used to help with anything from anxiety to chronic pain relief to improving sports performance and everything in between.  In some cases, we may work with your licensed primary care giver or therapist to ensure that our therapies are not going to impede any of the work they are doing. If you are unsure, you can always send us a message to inquire.

Additional Questions?