First Time Visitors

460’s Journal LLP is located in the lower level of the Romy Building at 1406 W. Lake Street, Suite A, Minneapolis, MN, 55408.

Enter through the glass doors, then walk straight ahead and either take the elevator or the stairs down to our studio and enter.

Replace your shoes with complimentary spa slippers found in the baskets above the coat hanger. The studio is laden with Tatami mats, so shoes are not permitted. Catherine and Mel are the only practitioners/employees. Please remember that they may be in session inside the Therapy room and unable to greet you immediately or answer phone calls, text messages, or emails. Feel free to help yourself to beverages or snacks at the beverage bar and take a seat in the blue meditation lounge. You may pick book off the shelf to read while you are waiting or simply release your day and prepare for the upcoming session.

We encourage you, whenever possible, to arrive to your appointment at least 15 minutes early in order to have some tea and re-center before meeting with us.