Ghost Bands In Our Home

21 Feb 2016

BY: Mel


There is a running joke among folks who have stayed for short visits at our home – that is, we have a ghost band that plays (mostly) jazz or big band era music.

The source is typically the west side of the home, either the main level or upstairs.  Time of day is random, but when the music begins to play… it is definitely noticeable.  Not as in, so loud we need ear-plugs… but definitely audible.

We used to think we were special and the only ones who would hear this clearly talented band (or bands) – but we were corrected when friends and family would stay over for a week or so and ask about the music.

I share this story because it is a example of how we (in our physical plane) are simultaneously sharing a space and a moment in time with others without complete awareness.

No, we are not creeped out.  No, we have not tried to “clear” the energy.  It’s not malicious.  To the contrary, we like the music.  Also, we believe in living in harmony with all that is around us, as much as is our ability, so ridding something out of our space that clearly is not causing harm makes zero sense to us.

To quote 460:  “After all, we are energy… manifested as light… and in the grander scheme of things, like it or not, we are all connected… we are, in fact, all one.”