Jierasu Reiki

20 May 2017

BY: Mel

Jierasu Reiki / Mel


Everyone wants to know about Jierasu Reiki!  So, I thought I would write up a few key things to know.

For those of you familiar with Reiki, you’re probably familiar with the form taught and practiced here in the U.S. That’s awesome. The Reiki I practice is a little different. Not better. Not worse. Just different. So, what’s different about it?




Form of Energy Work Reiki Jierasu Reiki
Works with what is known as “Universal Energy”. (That is, energy believed to be of divine origin). Yes Yes
Passive, gentle energy (That is, the practitioner does not direct the energy, but has faith the Universal Energy will move as it needs). Yes Yes
Focus is on 7 main chakra centers. Yes Yes
Excellent for improvement of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states of being. Yes Yes
Intentional direction of energy. Yes
Works with additional main chakra centers. Yes
Works with minor chakra centers. Yes
Works with Traditional Chinese Meridian System. Yes
Takes receiver into a deep form of relaxation or trance as necessary. Yes


In addition, my background in the bio-energy field has provided the opportunity to use specialized equipment and software to capture, measure, and analyze the electro-photonic field around your body and how it reacts to certain stimuli.

In layman’s terms, I can take an actual measurement of your energy field and find out how it is affecting your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Even cooler, I can measure the impact that a sound, a thought, or a physical object has on your energy field – thus, how it affects your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

With this information, we can offer a wide range of preventative therapy as well as treatments to help improve conditions.

Keep in mind, I am not a licensed medical professional, so there will be no “diagnosing” or “curing” done at our office. However, we can certainly do our part to help.