Learning New Skills

BY: Catherine


As I’ve mentioned in previous writings, I talk almost exclusively with my main Guide, Robert.  He is my ‘middle-person’ who goes between me & any beings I’m connecting with (with the exception of animals; animals I speak directly with) .

I like this system: it feels safe, secure & accurate for me.  Safe, in that I trust Robert & do not need to lend myself vulnerable to other beings.  Secure, in that I trust Robert to protect me.  Accurate, in that I trust Robert & any information that he gives me.  Notice a pattern here???  Yep, TRUST.


In my experience, having trust is instrumental in the process of improving my Intuitive & Psychic abilities.


I just gotta throw that shit out there &, even though the words coming out of my mouth may make no sense, I trust that it will resonate with the person it’s intended for. Way easier said than done.   But, with Robert, I’ve had time & experience to develop this level of trust with him, so it feels pretty good (the validation of his words that I’ve received also played a hefty role in this).

Trying out mediumship without Robert being my communicating middle-person, makes me feel like I’m back at the beginning, again, learning my skills.  And, to be honest, it can kinda suck.    I often joke that I have this weird Hollywood expectation of everything new that I try doing ending up being a beginner to expert movie montage.


Bleh,… I wish.  Sadly, it takes time & effort.

>>> *Huh?… Wait, I have a message from Robert:


Not ‘sadly’.  Time is good for you. It gets you where you need to be when you need to be there, so you’re ready for it.  It’s not the same time for everyone. This is the time right for you.


Ugghh, I know,  I know, I’m just SO lazy!:)

My Husband & I have been doing some mediumship exercises (me not relying upon Intuition or Robert & him not relying upon 460 or autowriting).  Initially, it had been frustrating for me.  I remember sitting in our living room during one of our first practice sessions & feeling like I was the only one not connecting as I listened to Mel & watched my pets eyes following spirits around the room that, of course,  I couldn’t see. I remember defensively saying, “Why am I even doing this?  I communicate great with Robert…what’s the point?”

Mel kindly reminded me that I don’t have to, but it was I who had wanted to try expanding my mediumship.  But, as I learned to let go of what I couldn’t do & appreciate the newness of what was to come, things became more enjoyable.  Like the 1st time Mel was able to make out a form & see them, but all he could relay was them waving to me.  Mel, just very slowly moving his arm in a waving motion, back & forth, back and forth, over & over again; until we were both laughing & Mel with the cutest smile says to me with a chuckle, “that’s all I can make out…so I guess they wanted to say hi to you.”

Mel, being vulnerable, & showing me his newness & being able to laugh at it with me, reminded me that it is OK not to be an immediate expert (immediate expert…oxymoron, yes?).  I adore my Husband’s skills & am so proud of him, always.  For him to sit & ridiculously wave for several minutes, laugh at it, but also be so excited at what he’d accomplished  – was exactly what I needed to feel safe, secure & accurate in my mediumship practice exercises after that.  I have begun to trust myself, again…and, as a result, had my first non-Robert mediumship experience this past week.  Albeit, I little (LOT) rough on the edges, but, hey, it happened.  Just trust that it does.