Psychic Consult With Catherine

What to expect when getting a Psychic Reading with Catherine LLeras:

  1. I receive messages through hearing, visions & physical sensations.  I communicate mainly with two of my Guides, Robert & Liv.
    • Robert has been with me the longest & is the main one I speak with. He has a dry sense of humor, gets frustrated with me when I’m lazy, & we have a kind of love/bicker relationship. He’s awesome & I never give him enough gratitude (which has become a running joke between the two of us).  From an exasperated Robert, “Well, YOU think it’s a joke.”  Haha
    • Liv only shows up when animals are involved & when her portion is done, she leaves. Think of her as a Guardian for animals; your needs are not of her concern, nor does she have much time for people (myself included, for real haha). If you come for a Reading & she’s there, I know you either have an animal question OR there is an animal message that I need to pass on to you.  She takes priority, so she gets addressed immediately, regardless of when she shows up.


  1. Come prepared with 2-4 specific questions.
    • The more specific the questions, the more specific the answers you will get. For example, stating something like, “Are there any messages for me?”  is the equivalent to walking into a grocery store & asking if there’s any food for you.  Just like there are hundreds of options for you at a grocery store, there are infinite messages available to you from Spirit.  A more effective way of asking would include phrasing such as, “I’m considering a new career, do you have any information regarding that?”


  1. I only ‘Read’ people when I’ve been given permission to do so. 
    • This is a strong, solid ethical boundary practiced at 460’s Journal. A paid session or being an audience member in a Gallery show is considered permission. Once the session is over, it is done & I no longer ‘read’ you.
    • Let me clarify & expand upon this: we all incorporate a small amount of ‘reading’ when around others in order to access the energy/safety/etc. around us.  This is normal & appropriate behavior.  What I don’t do, is then go deeper into someone’s privacy…we consider this inappropriate behavior that is the same as ‘snooping’ into a person’s life.  And, honestly, no one is that interesting *wink*.


  1. Which brings me to my next point:  I don’t really retain information from Readings. 
    • The best way I can explain it is that it’s similar to when you wake up from a dream & the details start slipping away from you & you’re unable to recall them. I suppose it’s because they’re not mine to know, I’m just passing the information on to you. My joke is always that I only have so much real estate room in my head, & I can’t spare any of it for you.  So, if you have a Reading with me & come up to me at a later point to talk with me about it, I’ll more than likely have no idea what you’re specifically referring to.  But, I’ll smile & say, “I’m glad that resonated for you.”


  1. Predictatory questions receive answers based off of the free will of your current actions/decisions.
    • Let me explain, when you ask me something future based, you will get an answer that reflects the decisions you are making right now, in this very moment of asking. The way I see it when it’s shown to me, if you imagine an infinite number of horizontal yarn strands stretching outwards – some of them go straight, some cross over each other, entangle with others, & so on.  Each strand represents your choices made utilizing your free will.  If you change something, it can then change the outcome.  I call this “The Threads of Free Will” & it’s a great example of how nothing is set in stone.  It’s not my ‘out’ for answering your questions correctly.  Truly, I love that it shows how you have the power to change things. Don’t like an answer to a question?  Exercise your amazing gift of free will & create a different answer!


If you have requested a Session via EMAIL, please follow the instructions below:

  • Send us an email with your questions. There is no limited to number of questions.
  • Because we may not be able to answer all your questions within the allotted time, please list them in order of priority.
  • We will respond within 24 hours to provide an estimated time frame of when your reading will be completed and your video ready to download.
  • Your 45 minute video will be stored securely in a private 460’s Journal LLP account. You will be provided access to your specific video for download.
  • Your video will be deleted after 7 days, so please download it as soon as possible.
  • You will be allowed 7 days from completion of your initial video response to send us a couple of follow-up questions.
  • Follow-up responses will be provided within a 15-minute video.


If you have requested a Session via VIDEO CONFERENCE or are located outside of the Continental United States of America, please follow the instructions below:

  • Download the Free Google Hangouts App onto your mobile device or computer.
  • Take a moment to go through the quick process of the app’s set-up so that you are ready to go at the time of the appointment.
  • Have the app open a few minutes before the appointment so that you don’t miss our call.
  • Note:  Electronics can sometimes be a little unreliable during readings. If, for any reason, you are unable to get the app to work, we may need to switch methods to a regular ol’ fashion phone call.