Rev. Mel LLeras, R.M. Bio

Mel LLeras is an established Metaphysical Healer and Teacher who has dedicated over 25 years studying various holistic healing techniques, allopathic medical treatments, and spiritual therapies from cultures around the world.  Specializing in bio-energy fields of the body, Mel has found that treatment of the metaphysical body is crucial when healing the body, mind, or heart.  Along with his wife, Catherine, Mel founded 460’s Journal LLP to help people become aware of, connect with, and understand their own metaphysical energy bodies in order to instate positive change in the world.

CURRENT PROJECT: Organizing a treatment program to benefit HIV+ adults by reducing the decline of CD4 T lymphocyte.  Assembling a small group of people to participate in this program.  Our normal Session fees will be waived for the duration of the program.  If you are an HIV+ adult and are interested in information, shoot me an email indicating your interest to be placed on a contact list to receive information as it becomes available:


Jierasu Reiki (Manipulation of bio-energy field of the human body without the use of man-made tools).

  • Tuning of major and minor chakras to create harmony between energy centers and all else.
  • Clearing and redirection of Qi through meridian channels.

*Mine is a family of Healers.  Each generation, some children (especially 1st born) are groomed to be Teachers/Healers and become students of all things related to Healing Sciences/Arts.  We do not learn affirmations as adults as is done here in the Western countries.  Rather, the words of wisdom and reminders are given to us at the youngest age through stories, lessons, and example so that by the time we are teenagers, we may begin studying medicines and therapies with an innate understanding of how our metaphysical energy relates to the energy of all living things within our environment.  Click here if you are interested in learning more.

Medical Hypnotherapy (Working directly with the subconscious to engage healing or change behavior).

Working with the subconscious directly is probably the fastest way to implement new learned behaviors or remove blocks from the subconscious mind.  Only 12% of our being is composed of our conscious  mind, while the other 88% is completely subconscious.  Therefore, it only makes sense to utilize the greater power to help ourselves heal, overcome issues, improve skills, or any other type of behavior change.

Sound Therapy (Manipulation of bio-energy field of the human body using specific sound frequencies while guest is guided into a deep state of meditation).

Ideally, one uses these therapies to maintain a healthy energy body and prevent major issues from arising or becoming unmanageable.  However, these modalities have great affect in improving both acute and chronic conditions and can compliment your current allopathic or other therapeutic treatment program.  Sessions can be used to address issues falling into the following classes:

  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

TEACHING SPECIALTIES:  Mel has developed skills in many different modalities such as astral travel, lucid dreaming, and trance channeling.  However, he does not teach modalities.  He helps people evolve and uses the modality that best suits the lesson that must be learned.  Sometimes in class format, sometimes individually.  This is, indeed, difficult for many westerners to grasp as it involves a different way of thought.  However, changing your way of thought is a step of evolution.


  • Working Towards Doctorate in Philosophy Specializing in Metaphysical Parapsychology.
  • M.Msc Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science
  • B.S. Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science
  • Astral Projection 3-Month Fellowship Program
  • Ordained and Licensed Minister
  • Eastern Reiki Master Apprenticeship, 7-Year Program
  • Western Reiki Master Certification
  • Aura Holistic Therapy Training, 2-Year Program
  • Bio-Energy Analyst Training, 3-Year Program
  • Zen Meditation Studies, 4-Year Program
  • Hypnotherapy, 2-Year Program
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, 3-Year Program
  • Bio-Energy Sound Frequency, 1-year Program

*Note: word “master” above is used humbly and with humility as it is his understanding that to master any art or skill requires a lifetime of dedication and continued practice and application – and that we are only masters to those with less knowledge, skill, or experience than ourselves.  This is why Mel considers himself a life-long student of the Metaphysical and Healing Sciences.

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