Meet Robert… my “imaginary friend.”

BY: Catherine


Hmmmm….well, now I guess it’s time to introduce Robert.

Robert is my current main Guide who speaks to me.  And, boy oh boy, does he speak.  He gets exasperated with me, we kind of bicker when I don’t like what he tells me & he piles on LOTS of dry humor (which can sometimes be speckled with just a teeny tiny touch of annoyance).

Whew – you’d think the guy hated me. But, it’s actually quite the opposite.  He supports me ALL the time in the forms of guidance, advice, answers & LOVE.  Yes, I feel pure love from this guy.  His eye-rolling frustrations with me are a result, of well, me.  I don’t like being told what to do.  So much so, that I’ll say it again:  I don’t like being told what to do.  I resist for the sake of resisting.  Cliché as it sounds, just ask my Husband, he’ll tell you it’s true.  Robert’s willingness to banter with me & allowing me some ‘give’ room in my accepting of being told things I may not want to hear is truly the reason I’ve been able to grow my gifts.  I am like a spoiled child with this stuff – I just want it given to me. Robert lets me pout &, when I’m done, he then puts me to work.

So, are you wondering how I hear this guy?  I hear him as clearly as if I was having a conversation with you.  The difference is *where* I hear him.  I always hear Robert deep in my right ear, like deep inside almost in my throat…& I can ‘feel’ his voice inside of that spot. That’s the best I can explain it.  When I hear someone like you (you know, human form), I hear you outside of my ear.  Robert is deep, deep in my ear canal.   We talk in full sentence & conversation form (all the easier for him to chastise me with – haha that was a comment from him).  See??? He’s a funny guy.


I’ve learned some things since conversing with Robert:

  1. I’m not his only ‘charge’. Thus, I don’t always get him whenever I want.  Recently, he left me during a Reading I was doing for someone. I’d never had that happen before. Someone needed him more than I did.  He returned later & popped in with a last little message.  The experience was a little sad for me, in the sense that I worried about the day he may move on for good if his time with me is done.  I have a hard time with stuff like that. So, I’m choosing not to think about it now (and he just said that that is good, I should just focus on the now).
  2. Speaking of the ‘now’: this is important.  AKA:  the present.  Boy, this is a hard one for a lot of us, but necessary to connect.
  3. Protection is important.  I call this ‘Shields Up!’.  Robert has guided me with being more effective in doing this to energetically protect myself.


There is still SO much for me to learn!  I’m gonna end it with this one, but there is much more. Don’t worry, you’ll hear from us again.