Bio-Energy Analysis


Using a specialized camera and camera system, we have a revolutionary, non-intrusive way to measure the human energy field.

Utilizing software designed using the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have the ability to measure and monitor our bio energy fields and take advantage of a multitude of benefits:

  1. Monitor our chakra systems to ensure that they are working in harmony for optimal health.
  2. Find indicators of energetic anomalies that may be having a physiological or emotional effect on us.
  3. Acquire real time feedback on positive and negative factors that can affect our energy fields.  This any type of stimulus from meditative thoughts to physical objects.


Holistic Analysis
The Holistic Analysis is a comprehensive set of tests involving our bio-energy scanner which allows us to view everything from your Chakra activity to High/Low Energy Patterns to energy draw on your organs, as a few examples.

We recommend having a Holistic Analysis performed annually to create a baseline record of your energy body and use as a tool by which to measure future results.  It serves as an additional perspective to your overall health picture.

For those who regularly participate in meditative activities such as Yoga or Tai Chi, a Bio-Maintenance Scan (Chakra Measurements Only) is a fantastic way to monitor your progress and changes in order to make adjustments to your program.


We are more than happy to offer advice on which service might be most suitable for your needs, depending on your goals.