Handwriting Analysis


Your handwriting is like the backdoor into your subconscious. Not only are we able to gain insightful information about your personality, behavior, and tendencies, but this information can be used on both personal and professional levels. There are even graphologists who specialize in medical handwriting analysis.

Personal Development

On a personal level, one can use there handwriting analysis to get a perspective about themselves that they may not have fully realized. This can become an avenue for exploration and personal growth. For example, it may be revealed through your handwriting that you often bring things from the past with you into the present. Though some people may be aware of that characteristic about themselves,  it may provide others a point of reflection from which to address an issue.  In a therapeutic sense, handwriting analysis is an incredibly informative and useful tool.
Professional Use
The use of handwriting analysis reports by companies for their employees has a multitude of benefits.
  • Can be used when changing roles and responsibilities.
  • Modifications to training programs.
  • Creating teams and partnerships for projects.

This can result in a lot of money being saved and as well as an increase in efficiency and productivity for your organization.