Jierasu Reiki

Jierasu Reiki Healing Therapy serves as an effective compliment to allopathic techniques as well as a stand alone service.  In general, people pursuing this form of treatment do so for the following reasons:
  1. Relax and strengthen well-being
  2. Reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue
  3. Help manage symptoms
  4. Reduce side effects of medications
  5. Support recovery after injuries or a surgery

Mel has been practicing various forms of energy work for over 20 years and has been educated through his family and formal settings in both Eastern and Western forms of healing practices, combining them to create his own forms of healing techniques. He treats all parts of the metaphysical body – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – by connecting directly with your Higher Conscious and adjusting it’s frequency to match his during Healing work.

His sessions are enhanced by the use of special instruments that measure the human bio energy field and renders a visualization chart for the client. With his background on chakra and meridian channels, Mel can use the data collected by this equipment as an aid in identifying both physiological and mental/emotional anomalies, charting measurable action plans, and explaining some of the more obscure areas of this type of work.

*To prepare you for your Session and make the best use of both your time and ours, you will receive an instructional email upon booking your appointment. This email will contain information to help you make the most of your Session.

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