Psychic Sessions

There are generally 5 benefits people seek and can acquire from a personal Psychic Session:
1. Validation
2. Inspiration
3. Progression
4. Understanding
5. Closure
Catherine has spent decades developing her skills. She has studied. She has practiced. She has honed her skills to become a messenger and communicator linking the unseen world to our own. Messages are received through communication directly with her Guardians and other Spirits through hearing, sight, and physical sensations, then passed onto the intended receiver.
Individual Sessions may include a variety of modalities including, but not limited to, palmistry, healing work, & channeling. Catherine is guided by both her intuition and her Guides in each Session and will use the modalities best suited for the session.
Couple’s Sessions can benefit any two individuals interested in receiving a Session pertaining to the two of them together and may include a variety of modalities.
*To prepare you for your session and make the best use of both your time and ours, you will receive an instructional email upon booking your appointment. This email will contain information to help make the most of your Session.
Please read this email thoroughly.
Thank you for your assistance in helping us create a memorable experience for you.
Treatment Process
We recommend all new clients have their initial appointment with Catherine when possible.

Catherine is extremely skilled at her trade. Over the last couple of years, her focus has shifted towards therapeutic related messages regarding both emotional and physiological health.

In your initial Session with Catherine, she does a “body scan” in which she identifies potential issues that need to be addressed.  All information is provided to her by her Guides.  Therefore, she is only given information that is pertinent at that time.  We ask that you do not come in and immediately begin talking about your discomforts.  Catherine uses her ability to identify these issues to ensure she is dialed in to the appropriate frequency and truly connected.
Once the information she is receiving is verified by you, she can then comfortably move on to potential factors that might be contributing to your situation.  These factors are what helps us determine the most effective and efficient direction in which you should work with us.
In addition to the body scans, Catherine does use this time to connect in other aspects of your life as relevant – including family, pets, and work life.
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