Relationship Enhancement


At 460’s Journal, we work specifically with the body’s energy field and Higher Conscious and have found that, by working with these elements, we can help various partners progress in their relationship, whether that means a continuation or a graceful ending.  We call this your Natural Energy Expression.

Your Natural Energy Expression (NEE) is a style of personality that is expressed automatically without conscious thought, through communication, body language, personal preferences, likes and dislikes.  Individuals may know that they follow certain patterns in relationships yet be unaware of what is determining the pattern.  The selection is a subconscious one, and absolutely unique to each individual.

Therapy Process

We begin by determining your Natural Energy Expression. Whenever possible, we like to be able to determine that of your partner as well.

When working to enhance relationships, we find it valuable to first understand NEE as it directly relates to you as an individual. The more you are able to understand how your behaviors, reactions, and choices are driven from an energy perspective, the better you will be able to become aware of and communicate your needs, goals, and desires.

If you are currently in a relationship, we can also work with your partner(s) in determining their NEE as well as understanding the dynamic of your relationship as a result.
We do not work to “keep couples together”.  Instead, we help you identify and understand yourselves in this capacity and as individuals.  In this way, we find that people can move forward (regardless of direction) much more comfortably on all sides of the relationship.