Story of Origin

When we were traveling back to Earth, Catherine got excited & jumped in front of me…never looking back. As a result, we ended up on Earth several years apart and on opposite sides of the world. Yet, our souls still found each other again.

To this day, I still tease her because she continues this behavior during this lifetime…on hikes, at the grocery store… She even beat me to our wedding alter! I love her (even when I have to work to keep up).


People often ask how the name “460’s Journal”. The answer is simple.  460 is the name of Mel’s main Guardian and Teacher – who has been with him for as long as he can remember, through this life and others.

The name, “460’s Journal” represents the collection of teachings that Mel and Catherine are now sharing with the world and is meant to honor – not only 460 – Catherine’s Guides (Robert, Liv) and all the other Teacher’s with whom they work.