28th August 2017

Kelly G. (Google)

I have seen both Catherine and Mel for sessions and would highly recommend each of them to anyone seeking healing and intuitive guidance. Their unique styles compliment each other wonderfully, providing a lovely yin and yang feel to their practice. I love the space they've created for healing and it's clear they've put a tremendous amount of thought and love into the space. What I love about Catherine - Catherine does an amazing job at helping you understand the process and making you feel comfortable before her readings even start. She provides very caring, straight forward guidance in her readings in a way that's clear and easy for you to understand. I found her guidance to be extremely helpful and in line with what I knew to be true. She is a very talented, loving healer. I thoroughly enjoy and have benefited from my readings with her. I would recommend her to anyone needing help and guidance in their life. What I love about Mel - Mel does a fantastic job taking time before his session starts to understand the problems you are experiencing and the changes you want to enact in your life. His calm energy and demeanor made me feel relaxed before the session even started. Mel is a very knowledgeable and caring healer who is extremely gifted in energy work. I felt so relaxed and at peace after my session with Mel. Mel has helped me to understand aspects of myself more clearly and release energy blocks so I can attain the life I desire. I would recommend him to anyone in need of change and harmony in their life.

14th June 2017

Shayla F. (Yelp)

I recently attended Mel's Angels and Guides class - it was a really great experience and I learned a lot! The class started with an individual chakra reading and analysis. Mel taught us about vibrational energy and what each chakra represents. Mel took us through a guided meditation where each of us were able to communicate (in one way or another) with our guides - it was really exciting! I had previously had a reading with Catherine that was honestly life-changing. She knew so many details she shouldn't have known. It was an incredibly validating and clarifying experience. I can't wait to do it again!

13th June 2017

Sarah N. (Yelp)

Mel and Catherine are amazing!!! I took Mel's angels and guides class last night. He did a chakra scan and we were given a print out of how our chakras are aligned and what that means. There were about 8 people in class and we sat on Japanese mats and chairs on the ground (which I loved!) We did a meditation with blank sheets of paper and had our guides communicate through!! It was so cool to see how different the designs were on my paper when I had felt different energies come in. I would definitely take another class and will be scheduling a reading/ healing soon!

13th June 2017

Heidi S (Google)

Both Mel and Catherine are amazing! I did a psychic session with Catherine and she was able to tell me the exact health issues I am going through and was able to tap into what is around the corner healthwise if I don't fully address these issues. While talking about financial issues, she was able to go into specific details about a huge drama i am going through with a family member and was able to explain to me that person's perspective and their view towards the drama, which led to on the spot closure of that issue for me...truly amazing! I went to the Meet your Guides and Angels class with Mel, and definitely discovered who is always around me, protectig me...Bob! I just signed up for the next class on Past Life Regression, it is truly fascinating information. I will be seeing Mel for a healing session soon. I cannot recommend these two enough! If you have specific questions and issues or if you don't even know what you are searching for, they can guide you and point you in the right direction and give you tools along the way. Check them out, you won't be sorry! Also a great and awesome gift idea!

11th June 2017

Su-Yoon Ko (Emailed)

Mel, Thank you for your healing reiki session today. I've had many reiki sessions with other practitioners before, but I've never had an experience like this one. Not only did I feel the chakra you were working on become physically lighter, at another point, in my mind's eye, I saw the waves of color- the color of the chakra you were working on. It was amazing!

6th June 2017

Ashley L. (Yelp)

I could not have better things to say about 460's Journal and specifically Catherine's readings. She is who I turn to when I need that extra bit of guidance in my major life decisions and will continue to do so. She is caring and professional and the new space on Lake Street is perfect. You will not regret booking with Catherine and Mel.

6th June 2017

Ashley Lorentz (Facebook)

I could not have better things to say about 460's Journal and specifically Catherine's readings. She is caring and professional and the new space on Lake Street is perfect. You will not regret booking with Catherine and Mel.

4th June 2017

S. S. (Yelp)

Catherine and Mel are the real deal! They are positive healers with an authentic desire to provide information and practices for improvement. Great new location!

1st June 2017

Taylor M. (Yelp)

Mel & Catherine are suburb! Besides being excellent psychics and healers, they are working with chakra measurement technology that shows results. If you are looking for a healing or a reading these are the two to see.

19th May 2017

Shayla Grace Floyd (Facebook)

Catherine is a truly talented, kind, respectful and loving person and her reading was life-changing for me. Catherine goes out of her way to make sure you understand everything about the process and that you are comfortable before she begins the reading. The reading itself was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had. As she was sharing messages for me I could feel in my entire body that they were truths. It was a very empowering experience, I can’t wait to see her again!

13th May 2017

Molly Hanten (Facebook)

Catherine is amazing, I use her readings as a form of therapy. She is kind, open, nonjudgmental and very gifted. I love her and 460Journal!

31st January 2017

Maureen McDowall (Facebook)

Catherine gave me a great reading, she did a good job explaining the process and the reading was very helpful and insightful. I would highly recommend her. I had a great experience

27th January 2017

Elly Robins (Facebook)

I had my first reading EVER with both Catherine and Mel. It was amazing. How they incorporate their different methods of reading made for an amazing, multifaceted experience. We tapped into my deeper levels of consciousnesses and how I am able to reach those (dreams that aren't really dreams in a way). It's almost impossible to explain! By the end, there were presences felt from my most cherished Grandmother. Out of nowhere Mel was describing details he couldn't possibly know about my old room at her house. Seriously, just amazing. I'm so looking forward to going back.

30th November 2016

Karrie Vrabel (Facebook)

My reading was precise, helpful, in depth and easy to understand. Catherine has a calming, loving energy. I will be recommending her to everyone I know and booking another appointment with her when the need arises. Thank you for sharing your gift Catherine.

7th October 2016

Tanya White (Facebook)

I had a emergency reading with Catherine and it was so helpful. I had some hard decisions that needed to be made and her intuition was right on. Also she knew the results of an upcoming test before I could get the results, and she was right!!!!

31st August 2016

Brooke Harmony Reynolds (Facebook)

I had an amazing reading by Catherine. It was my first psychic reading ever and I didn't know what to expect. She was able to delve into issues I was having with decisions I've been wanting to make and it gave me clarity on my options and time frame and learning to be patient. Catherine has a wonderful energy and is a joy to spend time with in general, but as an intuitive, she really delves into the spiritual realm in a fascinating way that is fun, and made me feel more connected to my guides. What was really great is that my dad and grandma came through and I learned more about how they have already been communicating with me and how to stay connected with them. And I got some encouraging messages! I would highly recommend getting a session with Catherine! Can't wait to do it again.

14th August 2016

Natalie Hansen (Facebook)

Where do I begin?? Catherine is so professional, passionate and comforting. I had so many questions to ask and she immediately was able to connect with Robert and start giving me some clarity and insight to life. I was able to communicate with a lost loved one and get very clear advice on some actions steps I could take to progress forward in life. I would absolutely recommend Catherine to anyone! She is a lovely individual with some very special gifts.

22nd July 2016

Dominique Elise Bogema (Facebook)

Catherine is absolutely amazing. Everything we talked about totally made sense and spoke to how I was feeling about my life. While some of the information she shared wasn't what I wanted to hear, her honesty was delivered so well. It made me feel good about what I had in store even though it wasn't what I was hoping for. I've recommended so many people to her. It was a great experience!!

16th July 2016

Lindsey Barr (Facebook)

I don't know where to begin. My very first reading was at Pride this year. I have always been interested but never really made it a priority to get in for one. I have seriously been missing out. Catherine was able to connect with me on a level that I don't think I will ever be able to explain. She was able to communicate thoughts that I have been having, that I have never shared with anyone or even written down. She has such a warm and inviting energy, and made it an extremely comfortable experience. I can't wait for my next reading!

9th June 2016

Taylor M. (Emailed)

I am studying one on one with Mel to develop my abilities. His expertise and knowledge are immeasurable. He works with the fundamentals and makes learning exciting. Mel really caters to the individual and approaches the lesson in a way that I will understand and process easily. My progression as an intuitive during the time that we have worked together has been life-altering. Besides the psychic studies, Mel has encouraged me to apply what I learn to everyday life and has helped my growth towards my becoming the person I strive to be. I have also been to 460’s Journal Monthly Psychic Forum. I enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere; questions and participation were encouraged. The psychics had a large range of different abilities and everyone was able to get a reading. The whole experience was a lot of fun and insightful.I highly recommend trying it out whether you regularly get reading from psychics or it is your first time.

16th March 2016

T.M. (Emailed)

This was a great experience – some messages continued to come through to Mel for me [after the event]. After getting my permission to channel the messages for me- Mel took his time to communicate to me. He was spot on with specifics about my health -even what area of neurological problems I suffer from. He provided recommendations on what to do. His ability to read auras also provided lots of information. He even intuited my common patterns of being vulnerable to others. The entire panel was insightful and powerful collectively. Thank you especially to Mel for your continued channeling work. You’ve inspired positivity and renewed hope!

26th February 2016

Denise H. (Emailed)

Not only is Catherine an expert at palmistry, but she is gifted with strong psychic abilities to fill in with specifics and tie everything together. My experience with her was enlightening and I’m looking forward to having another reading soon!

4th February 2016

Heather Walstrom (Emailed)

I had been having a rough time and needed some clarity and just knew I could find guidance from Catherine with her undeniable energy connection. In all of my interactions with her, she has shown me her intuitive gifts and her generous kindness with great passion to help people. My reading with her and her guide gave me insight and perspective to the questions I had. I felt at peace when I left and that I had direction from her words of guidance. Her positive energy had been transferred to me with abundance and I have felt lighter ever since. It was clear she has a genuine care for my well being and I am grateful for her!

7th January 2016

A.K. (Emailed)

It is a special gift to bring others to a place of safety, calm and reflection. Catherine has that special gift and shares it generously in her work. My time with Catherine lasted well beyond the moments her hands smoothed my muscles and renewed my body’s energy. I wish everyone could experience a healer such as Catherine.

29th December 2015

L. Kling (Emailed)

I saw Catherine for healing body work right after a traumatic event and was feeling skittish and anxious. But she made me feel calm and open by using consent at every step of the way, from scents to touch to temperature. I was even offered special accommodations because I biked there and needed to hang my bike clothes! Catherine knew I was going through a hard time and I felt how sincerely she wanted to help me- her healing hands imbued me with so much positive energy I left on a cloud! I absolutely felt so much positivity and good energy was put into my body through Catherine’s healing hands. I have recommended quite a few friends through her, and each person has also had wonderful reviews.

12th December 2015

Jessica Reipke (Emailed)

I had a palm reading from Catherine at HAUS’ fundraiser event in December of 2015.  The reading was spot on and really informational!  She explained the difference between your dominant and non-dominant hand, why they were different and how we have the power to change the lines throughout our lives.  She nailed stuff from my childhood and was able to tell me what direction I was headed.  It was fascinating!  It was also a fun offering to have at a party – great conversation starter for when you’re having ‘small talk’ 🙂   I’ve signed up for a class with Catherine as a result of that reading.

6th November 2015

Brianna D. (Emailed)

Catherine had done a distance healing on my dog, Millie, who is a 2 year old French Bulldog that suffers from bilateral hip dysplasia. After the session, Catherine responded to my concerns, some I hadn’t even told her about. I followed her advice and Millie doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore. I am so grateful to Catherine and believe in her genuine care and connection to animals.

2nd September 2015

Rachel A. (Emailed)

It was immediately made clear to me that Catherine is a very intuitive healer. Her connection with energy, guides and the universe is so strong, it’s really amazing to witness. She gives clear and helpful information that all comes from a place of love and compassion. It’s really a pleasure to work with her. Catherine is easy to be with, she feels like an old friend, and I always leave her feeling uplifted and grateful.