Taylor M.

09 Jun 2016

I am studying one on one with Mel to develop my abilities. His expertise and knowledge are immeasurable. He works with the fundamentals and makes learning exciting. Mel really caters to the individual and approaches the lesson in a way that I will understand and process easily. My progression as an intuitive during the time that we have worked together has been life-altering.

Besides the psychic studies, Mel has encouraged me to apply what I learn to everyday life and has helped my growth towards my becoming the person I strive to be. I have also been to 460’s Journal Monthly Psychic Forum. I enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere; questions and participation were encouraged. The psychics had a large range of different abilities and everyone was able to get a reading. The whole experience was a lot of fun and insightful.I highly recommend trying it out whether you regularly get reading from psychics or it is your first time.