Who is 460?

BY: Mel


Okay world, brace yourself. I am about to introduce you to none other than… the voice in my head – or at least, the one that talks the most. 🙂


Yeah, many of you have heard of spirit guides, right?  Well, I suppose that would be 460.  Only, he doesn’t come to me in the form of a “wise Native American spirit” or ancient Asian teacher as I have so commonly read over the internet.  Nope.  This dude is more like a ball of light.  Interestingly, the same type of ball of light that we are without these physical bodies.


Uh-oh. I’m losing some of you already… I can feel it… yeah totally, I can feel it. See? I’m totally psychic. *grin*


Back to 460…


Again, 460 is a voice in my head (the loudest of many) that most definitely sounds like another person.  So I know I’m not just talking to myself when we have conversations (which obviously means I’m completely sane).  Once in awhile, he throws some pictures my way.  Usually when something bad is about to happen.  Images used to come as these giant scary words that flashed red in my mind’s eye just as I was about to do something stupid – i.e ELECTROCUTE or DANGER – or when I needed to change my life’s path.  Then it evolved into images of things, people… stuff like that.  Now I can get the occasional movie reel short.  Though I’m working on it, none of these images come on command.  At least, not my command.


Most clearly, I connect with 460 through auto-writing.  Now THAT is a crazy skill – but I have to admit, some of my most accurate connections have come through it – as well as auto-painting.  For those who don’t exactly know what I’m talking about… I would describe it as a form of channeling.  For creatives, it might be similar to connecting with your muse or finding that perfect zen where you don’t really think about what you’re producing, you just let whatever is trying to flow through you do it… and next thing you know, you have art in front of you.


For non-creatives, it might be like… trying to solve a problem on a giant whiteboard… a problem you’ve been struggling with (maybe… how to increase customer engagement in your advertising or engineering a new pump for a lotion bottle), and suddenly you feel your hand writing out the solution faster than you can even think it.


That’s how I would describe auto-writing.


Let’s see, what else can I tell you about 460?  Well, I mentioned he didn’t look like some spiritual guru assigned to me for my own enlightenment.  Nor does he speak like one.  So, I guess we’re a fail when it comes to the “norm” as perpetuated through online media.


Having said that, I really don’t care if we don’t conform to the images most commonly conveyed about folks like me and him.  And for the record, he doesn’t care either.


So welcome all to our world!  And good luck reading our posts.




Mel & 460